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Keiki (Children’s) Birthday parties are fun AND educational!  
For your child’s Hawaiian themed party, ask your guests to dress in colorful attire.  During the party,
we’ll do some fun activities while teaching the keiki about Hawaii and its culture.  Some of the activities can include:

  • Learn how to dance the hula! Learn the steps, the hands, the meaning of the dance, and then perform for the adults
  • Make lei’s! Learn the art of lei making; each keiki will keep the lei so they’ll always remember the party
  • Hula girl water bottles – a fun craft where the keiki’s create a fun keepsake
  • Hawaii Map – keiki learn the names and location of each island and cultural information on each one

All supplies and hula ‘skirts’ are provided. Party guests keep the leis and/or water bottles they create.

Suggested time:  1 hour.   Minimum age:  7.